Converting Natural Gas to oil


Energy Technology Partners LLC, a Pennsylvania limited liability company (ETP) is located in Pittsburgh, PA.  ETP’s experience dates back to 1977 with Gulf Oil Corporation’s Synthetic Fuels Development Department. This experience further matured in Energy International Corporation (EI), starting business in 1985 and operating through 2002.  EI engaged in various F-T development programs for itself, the Department of Energy and other major clients.  EI operated for nine years as a wholly owned subsidiary of Williams International Company.  Since 2003, EI’s principals were able to operate as an independent company under its present name, ETP. 

One of the main targets of the new company has been the commercialization of the fixed bed catalytic reactor F-T process that has its roots in the Gulf work pioneered by ETP’s principals through the mid 1980’s and then under EI and ETP’s flags since.  ETP’s resources include extensive collaboration with leading engineering firms, syngas technology providers and catalyst manufacturers.

ETP provides process evaluation and technical assistance in the area of Gas-to-Liquids to other companies developing and planning to develop or acquire their own technology.
During the decade since its inception in 2003, ETP has consulted and done process application studies for major oil and gas producers interested in applying gas-to-liquids technology commercially.

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